Forced Induction Zetec

Turnkey Turbo/Supercharged Ford Zetec engine packages available. Either let us do all the hard work, or we can offer build support during your conversion if you prefer to get your hands dirty. Just ring with your requirements! And to give your project plans a jump start, listed below is a couple of examples of what can be achieved from the adaptable, practical and amazingly potent Zetec!

Ford Focus 1.8L Zetec Turbo 239 bhp


Ford Focus 1.8L Zetec Turbo Conversion 239 BHP
Zetec Turbo conversion by Bailey Performance performed on a standard Ford Focus 1.8L…this is what the Focus chassis was crying out for!

How about Focus RS power without the price tag?? Try this, we are talking 239bhp and 253lb/ft of torque from a standard Zetec 1.8 engine!…(and I know what your thinking…those performance figures are actually MORE than a Focus RS!!

Install includes a Megasquirt programmable ECU and Innovate LC-1 wide band closed loop control. This proven combination allows the car to meet MOT emission standards and return good MPG despite the staggering increase in performance.

Forced induction conversions available for all Zetec powered vehicles…….Turn your Zetec into an RS killer!!

Engine Specification:

Standard 1.8L Zetec engine
Zetec turbo conversion carried out by Bailey Performance
EDIS ignition
Megasquirt ECU
Innovate LC-1 wide band closed loop control
239 bhp and 253 lb/ft of torque

Ford Escort Estate 2.0L Zetec Turbo 328 bhp


Now you may recognise this ride as a feature car in Fast Ford which is a credit to the owner who built this 2.0L Zetec Turbo animal!! Amazingly the conversion still maintains alot of the standard internal engine parts. The crank, rods, and cams all remain as Ford intended…but the owner picked up from where Ford left off, and forged pistons, bigger injectors, an intercooler and a Cosworth T34 Turbo were squeezed into the unexpecting Escort engine bay. Now these are the kind of extras you won’t find on any Ford optional extra lists!!

So how do you get all this trickery to work together as if it was factory fit, well thats where Bailey Performance come in with a Megasquirt ECU install and of course their invaluable exprience of tuning such transformations! And the end result…(drum roll please!)…328BHP and 300LB/FT of torque!!
Engine Specification:

Zetec 2.0L
Standard rods and crank
Forged pistons
Ported head
Standard 130bhp cams with hydraulic lifters
Focus type plastic inlet manifold
625cc Dakar injectors
Cosworth 4×4 fuel regulator
Cosworth T34 Turbo
Custom intercooler
Uprated in-tank fuel pump
Megasquirt ECU
328bhp & 300lb/ft @22psi of boost

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