Bailey Performance Tuned Vehicles

Ford Sierra Sapphire Cosworth 2.9L 24V V6 Racecar


Bailey Performance are proud to support the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity by sponsoring the Charity motorsport team. As well as sponsorship Bailey Performance are responsible for keeping the Beyond Racer’s engine on track!

This is a minimalist build, using standard engine internals to keep running costs down, with the car’s bite being provided by using a programmable Megasquirt ECU which allows the hidden performance of the ‘torquey’ Cosworth 24V V6 engine to be unleashed. As this is a track only car the ECU runs from just 4 engine sensors, it’s that simple!!…Simple but effective, with a 3rd in class in only its second race! And on the wallet it can’t be beaten for power per buck!!

Engine Specification:

Standard Ford Scorpio Cosworth 2.9L 24V V6 ‘BOB’
375 cc injectors
Megasquirt ECU
220 bhp and 219 lb/ft torque

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