Bailey Performance Tuned Vehicle

Ford Sierra Sapphire Cosworth 4.6L V8 Procharged


Take a standard 2WD Sapphire Cosworth then slot in a Bailey Performance Procharged Rover V8, and you end up with a very different beast from what Ford intended! The charged V8 produces all of its power at very low rpm, max power is reached at just 4530rpm whilst the tarmac ripping torque of 360lb/ft is available at 3940rpm!…(Well we say 360lb/ft but below 3000rpm the immense torque is too much for the laws of physics and wheelspin rules!!…but we estimate around 400lb/ft at just 2000rpm!) This is the definition of big power drivabilty!…And if it’s big power your after you might just be interested to know that with an Eaton blower fitted torque was an earth shaking 600lb/ft, again available at just 2000rpm!

Bailey Performance supercharger installs include a Megasquirt programmable ECU working in partnership with an Innovate LC-1 wide band closed loop control. This proven combination allows the car to meet MOT emission standards and return the best MPG despite unleashing incredible performance.

  Engine Specification:

Rover 4.6L bottom end with top hat liners
Standard Range Rover internals
3.9L camshaft, duplex timing chain
Gas flowed 3.9L heads
3.9 injection hardware with 450cc injectors
Procharger supercharger driven by 8 rib belt running at 12psi max
Twin dump valves
Ford coil packs, EDIS ignition
Megasquirt ECU with Innovate LC-1 wideband controller

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