Bailey Performance Tuned Vehicles

Westfield powered by RS Turbo


Ford Escort 1.6 CVH RS Turbo S2 engine installed in a Westfield! ECU duties carried out by a Bailey Performance Megasquirt ECU install, which will allow the hidden performance of this engine to be unleashed. Currently the engine is running-in at the moment but will produce over 200 bhp when the final mapping can be carried out after this run-in period. Check back to see results!

Engine Specification:

Ford CVH 1600cc Escort RS Turbo engine, rebuilt to standard Ford Spec
Standard Garret T3 Turbo and manifold
Custom exhaust system
Bosch gen 3 fuel injectors
Custom inlet manifold with Jenvey turbo plenum
Large throttle body
Custom intercooler and radiator
Megasquirt 1 V3 ECU
EDIS Ignition, coil pack conversion

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