Megasquirt ECU

The Megasquirt ECU is a stand-alone cost effective engine management solution for spark ignition engines perfect for the serious racer, track day enthusiast or daily driver.

The system can be used on normally aspirated, turbocharged / supercharged car or bike engines large or small and can be tuned for fuel economy as well as maximum power.

Megasquirt is capable of functions and special features normally reserved for high end engine management systems such as batch or bank fired injection, staged injection and support for all most all factory trigger wheel patterns and engine sensors in service today.

The Megasquirt ECU hardware can be tailored for a particular application, such as interfacing with the vehicles existing ignition system (Ford EDIS for example) or controlling a second set of injectors alongside factory engine management.

Hardware features:

- Fuel control and/or ignition control

- Built in manifold pressure sensor (MAP sensor, useful for turbocharged engines)

- User configurable outputs (eg. Fan control)

- Mass Air Flow (MAF) meter support

- Capable of interfacing to most ignition types, including conventional distributor, Ford EDIS, coilpack, MSD and coil-on-plug systems

- Most types of camshaft and crankshaft trigger patterns and sensor type supported

- Direct Lambda support (narrow band) and third party wide band controller interface available

- Compact size

- Lightweight

The Megasquirt ECU is configured and tuned (mapped) using a PC based software package called Megatune, this software allow the tuner/dyno operator to enter the required fuelling and ignition timing for the engine under test.

When supplied, the Megasquirt ECU is shipped “empty”, all the required engine data must entered and a base map designed before the engine will start. Bailey Performance will happily install the Megasquirt ECU for you and produce you a full working driveaway map.

Software features:

- Full control of every aspect of the engines tune

- Inputs such as throttle position can be scaled as required

- Real time readouts of all engine data, such as air/fuel ratio (from lambda)

- Ability to save and modify map files off-line as well as on-line

- Excellent logging system for all inputs/outputs such as air and water temperature

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